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Here is where you start working on the foundation to your best self, your empire.



Why online coaching with EMpire fitness?

It’s our mission to help women, like you, feel, look and be your best — EVER. Our approach is 360. You get your own personal coach. Your program is 100% customized to your goals, your schedule and what you have access to for equipment (even if that’s NOTHING). 

You receive nutritional and wellness guidance. You get accountability. This is all delivered to YOU online. No matter where you live. Join our Empire so we can help you build yours. We can’t wait to hear from you!


WHo would Benefit from Online coaching programs?

The woman looking to build her confidence & finally go for her dreams. The woman who is a natural superhero, taking care of her family, her household and now — finally — herself. The woman who is looking to shed her outer layer, revealing her true beauty within. 

The woman who is going through a difficult time and wants to become the healthiest & strongest version of herself. The woman training for a courageous event — whether that’s an obstacle course race or delivering a baby. The everyday woman looking to seek independence. The woman who wants to improve her diet. The woman who wants to LOVE herself, every day.  <3